The SR-32J sliding head lathe is the ideal solution for medium complex parts

Sliding Head Turning enables the machining of the secondary process on the rear spindle whilst the next component is being made on the main spindle. This can often result in cycle times being half what they would have been on a traditional Fixed Head CNC machine.

The Star machines are designed to run unmanned for sustained periods allowing us to run them 24 hours a day 7 days a week on suitable components, ideal for components in large batches. 

The SR-32J Type N provides the same speed and versatility as a traditional sliding head lathe but without the need for a guide bush. The Z1 machining stroke is reduced to 80 mm (2.5 x D), this limits the amount of bar protruding from the main collet face but allows parts to be machined in a similar fashion to fixed head lathes.

The efficiency of the SR-32J Type N is further enhanced as more parts can be processed from the raw material due to the significantly reduced remnant length.

Numerous cartridge units are available for the model including angular drilling, thread whirling, front off-center drilling, deep-hole drilling and thread rolling attachments.

The independent sub spindle has a fully programmable C axis. Polar co-ordinate control is also included as standard, allowing profiles such as hexagons and squares to be machined in overlap.

  • Standard machining diameter 32mm (35mm optional)
  • Slant–type guideway structure for heavy duty cutting
  • Z1 Stroke of 80mm
  • Rigid sleeved main spindle construction
  • Six 16mm turning tools on the platen
  • 5 Cross working power tools (including 2 modular stations)
  • C-axis control on main and sub-spindles
  • 4 Back-working power tools available
  • Ergonomic, swing-out operation panel with Fanuc 32i-B control
  • Three generations of experience
  • Top quality industry-leading quotes
  • Fast, reliable and friendly service
  • Specialists in CNC milling & machining
  • After finishing contacts
  • All Conventional machining
  • ISO 9002
  • Thread Rolling