CNC Milling

TS Henderson is a professional CNC machining parts factory purchasing our first cnc milling machine in the 1980s allowing us to gain a wealth of knowledge over this time. We currently have 6 advanced 3 axis CNC milling machines our experienced CNC milling machine operators are always finding a way to produce the highest quality precision milled components for you.

We have a wide range of tools and different styles of work holding devices. This allows us to offer shorter lead times due to this flexibility.

As well as doing conventional milling operations we are also able to use our machines to mill threads using specialist tooling,

Our CNC milling machines can be programmed using CAD CAM software speeding up set up and machining time of complex components.

With the addition of through-spindle high pressure coolant (70 Bar) we are able to drill small diameter, deep holes in hard to machine materials.

Our cnc milling machines are some of the best machines on the market producing high quality components 24 hours per day.

We accommodate for one off low and high volume production runs.