Final Quality

TS Henderson & Co LTD


TS Henderson & Co Limited are fully committed to providing the highest level of quality products and customer service to its customers through continuously improving all aspects of the company’s performance.

This is achieved by understanding the context of the organisation, the requirements of all stakeholders and compliance to all mandatory, statutory and regulatory requirements. it is the responsibility of all employees to ensure that they undertake their tasks in accordance with the requirements of customer contracts, the company’s operating policies and procedures an ensure that they highlight any non-conformities to prevent system or product failure.

The company has set clear objectives for continuously improving performance and these, in addition to operational aspects, are monitored and measured to ensure that the objectives will be achieved and that the planned outcomes are obtained.

Through the establishing of a Quality Management System which includes a management review process, the company provides a platform for review and improvement.

Through the communication of the quality policy, the company objectives and performance requirements, the management ensures that all employees are aware and involved in the overall performance of the company including its Quality Management System.

The signing and publication of this document demonstrates the commitment of the Managing Director to the full integration and improvement of the Quality Management System.