CNC Turning

At TS Henderson Precision engineers we currently run ten fixed head turning centers all fitted with magazine bar feed systems This ensures productivity is maximised at all points of the operation. Capable of running full lights out production 24 hours per day 7 days a week holding tolerances of 10 microns or less.

Our CNC turning centers can be programmed using CAD CAM software speeding up set up and machining time of complex components.

Our machines are equipped with high pressure coolant reducing machine downtime and operator input, we accommodate for one off low and high volume production runs.

Eight machines have driven tooling to perform turning/milling, cross-drilling and tapping operations freeing up space on our 4 axis milling machines.

Nearly all our machines incorporate direct drive motors allowing us to machine exotic materials with torque and without any belt slippage.

Some of our cnc turning centers are fitted with Renishaw tool pre setters speeding up set up time and increasing our level of accuracy.

We are experts in turning materials from mild steel grades through to high tensile and stainless steel. We machine brass, bronze, alloys, specialist metals – and plastics.